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M6E UAV Fogger
M6E Drone Battery Charger
M6E Drone Fogger

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The TTA AMERICA M6E UAV Fogger is a very affordable fogger and sprayer combo package. But don’t be fooled by its small size and ultra-portability! It is capable of covering 30 acres per fogging tank and 20+ AC/Hr. of field spraying. The TTA M6E fogger and sprayer is the industry-leader of capability, reliability and features at an affordable price.  Our modular drone sprayer design ensures quick and affordable in-field maintenance or repairs.  The M6E UAV fogger is perfect for mosquito abatement and VECTOR control.  This UAV fogger sprayer combo is equipped with Full GPS Ground Station for automatic flight planning, plus the super-easy A-B mode. The terrain sensing makes spraying hillsides a breeze!

TTA AMERICA M6E UAV Fogger features waterproof design, long flight time, low maintenance cost, light weight and high-strength body. The high power brushless motors guarantees performance with heavy payloads. The quick folding arms, specially designed spray nozzles and pump guarantee quick deployment and high working efficiency for all your UAV mosquito and VECTOR control needs.

Product features

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  • Fully Autonomous Mission Planning Software

  • Advanced Terrain Following Technology

  • Intelligent Spray Control

  • Easy to Use Geo Obstacle Avoidance Technology


MODEL M6E UAV Fogger & Sprayer

Configuration – 6-rotor (VTOL)
Flight Time (empty) – 25-30 min
Flight Time (payload) – 10-12 min
Safe Flying Speed – 22 mph (10 m/s)
Wind Rating (stable) – 27 mph (12 m/s)
Frame Wheelbase – 55 inches (1400 mm)
Weight (without batteries) – 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
Useable Payload (after batteries) – 2.64 gal (10 L)
Standard Takeoff Weight (STOW) – 50.7 lbs (23 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) – 52.9 lbs (24 kg)


Typical Coverage Rates – 15–22 ac/hr (6–9 ha/hr)
Typical Spray Height (above crops) – 9-12 ft (3-4 m)
Typical Spray Swath (adjustable) – 13-16 ft (4-5 m)
Typical Spraying Speed – 9-14 mph (4-6 m/s)
Nozzle Quantity (adjustable) – 2
Standard Spray Nozzle(s) (adjustable) Lechler – 110-015, 110-01, 110-02
GPS Accuracy Horizontal – ±1.0m
Vertical – ±0.5m
Max Thrust Ratio – 2.25 (takeoff @ 23kg)