UAV spreadeR/sprayer

Mode 1.

Mode 2.

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Screenshot_2019-01-19 -Beijing TT Aviati
Screenshot_2019-01-19 -Beijing TT Aviati
Screenshot_2019-01-19 -Beijing TT Aviati

The TTA-AMERICA M8AS-PRO UAV Spreader & Sprayer Combo is based on our largest 8-rotor platform with unrivaled payload capacity for delivering 20kg of granules. The versatility of this drone spreader sprayer combo allows for a quick conversion from granular to liquid sprayer as your needs change. The variable-speed  spreader is highly adaptable and can be modified during flight, too.


The TTA M8AS PRO UAV drone 20kg spreader and 20 liter drone sprayer features: 


● Automatic route planning for irregular topography :

● Terrain following modular

● Intelligent Sprayer Control

● One key take-off.

● One key landing.

● Industrial grade brushless motors, long-life and easy to maintain.
● Powerful and long-life pump for better atomization function with higher pressure.
● Large payload and adjustable interchangeable nozzles.
● Modular design, Quick released structure, easy to maintain and lower maintain cost.
● Easy to transport.

Product features

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  • Fully Autonomous Mission Planning Software

  • Advanced Terrain Following Technology

  • Intelligent Spray Control

  • Easy to Use Geo Obstacle Avoidance Technology


MODEL M8As pro uav spreader (20KG)

Configuration – 8-rotor (VTOL)
Flight Time (empty) – 25-35 min
Flight Time (payload) – 6-15 min
Max Fly Speed – 22 mph (10 m/s)
Wind Rating (stable) – 27 mph (12 m/s)
Frame Wheelbase – 64 inches (1630 mm)
Weight (without batteries) – 39.6 lbs (18 kg)
Useable Payload (after batteries) – 44 lbs (20 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) – 105.8 lbs (48 kg)


Spreading Radius (width)- 19.6-29.5 ft (6-9 m)
Spreading Radius (length)- 16.4-22.9 ft (5-7 m)
Typical Operating Height- 5-8 ft (1.6-2.5 m)
Typical Operating Speed- 9-18 mph (4-8 m/s)
Typical Spreader RPM (adjustable)- 700-1260 RPM
Type- Granular
GPS Accuracy Horizontal – ±1.0m
Vertical – ±0.5m
Max Thrust Ratio – 2.43 (takeoff @ 46kg)