TTA-AMERICA is partnered with to offer drone training for remotely flying the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drones in our inventory. After you complete one of our UAV Pilot Training and Certification Courses that are taught by professional instructors, you will understand the capabilities of your UAV drone and be certified to let it take flight.  

Our training prepares you to fly your drone on efficient missions that accomplish your goal and teaches you how to operate your drone safely for its intended applications. Essential knowledge that you can learn from attending one of our drone training courses includes:

  • Introduction to UAV system

  • Aircraft design, controls, assembly & operation

  • UAS Basics 101

  • Pilot Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ground Station Mission Setup & Success

  • Payload Integration 101

  • UAS Advanced Maneuvers

  • FAA Regulatory Overview (if applicable)

  • Safety 101

  • Autopilot programs

  • Cameras & sensors, if equipped

  • Software, Ground Station & Flight Plans

  • Battery Charging, Maintenance & Storage Procedures

  • Field Maintenance & Repairs • Hands-on Experience

  • Online FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate Study Guide - Prepared by an Aviation Attorney

TTA-AMERICA also offers UAV training workshops that let you build on your knowledge. Because our classes and workshops have limited space, we recommend signing up as soon as you can. Reserve your spot HERE.